the primordial sound of all creation


OM Delights is backed by a parent company that has years of experience with creating lifestyle enrichment opportunities for spiritual seekers, charities and the socially conscious consumer. We strive to ensure that the brands we carry create a wholesome, empowering and purposeful connection for our communities.

Connecting People with Expressions of Love

In everything we do, whether that be through providing worthwhile products or creating impact with those in need, we hope to inspire, bask in beauty and create more powerful instances of love and healing in the world.

We are family owned, women owned and minority owned. We are guided by love in all things and strive to remain cruelty free and eco-friendly.

Our Story


It Started with a Name

The name came to us rather quickly. There wasn't any thought, rather, it was plucked from our core as if we had been saying it all our lives. Om Delights. We spoke it and it was so. It is said that the universe was created with Om and it holds within it all that is, all that is was and all that it ever will be. The sound, Om, is believed to be the primordial sound of all creation. Coming into acknowledgement and alignment with these kinds of powerful understandings, we came to know ourselves just a bit more. We are able to find stillness in our chaotic lifestyles. Despite the turmoil, we learned we can peer through the window of our divinity and see that peace, joy, faith and goodwill flow unceasingly and belong to us. All we need to do is embrace them. In our now, we find endless beauty within the symbolic nature of OM. It is upon the cusps of this magnificent ebb and flow that we find ourselves, we free ourselves and we come together in truth and completion.


Savoring the Beauty of Heritage

If you ever have the chance to discover it, you may see that the divine nature is all encompassing. In its phenomenon. one can find the courage to uncover the glorious layers of hidden potential. We can be beautiful and exotic and powerful. We can explore decadence or magnify balance. Here, in a lovely space of time and grace, we can learn to remember all the ways we are wonderful. We can pay homage to our divine lineage, living gleefully in our daily play, being exhilarated by simple pleasures, discovering endless treasures both inside and outside ourselves. As the symbolism of Om delights us, we smile in our hearts, finding the blessings in all things bright and beautiful. We live, we experience, we savor. Everyday, we are grateful for all the gifts we've been given, and all the experiences that have led us to this very moment. We are honored to dance such a profound dance and face the world with love, courage and goodwill.



Every time you make a purchase, we make a donation to Open Hearts for Orphans or the Purpose Launchers Foundation. OHO helps abandoned children around the world. Purpose Launcher's Foundation works to help charities spread their message and gain support for their mission.


You are a part of our extended family. The good things we wish for ourselves, we also wish for our family. From products to customer service, we will always strive to bring you our best. Such intentions come from the heart.


From the beginning of your shopping journey, to its completion, you are our priority. It's important to us that the experience you have with OM Delights leaves you feeling delighted. If there is a problem, we will work our hardest to make it right.

For the Benefit of All